Katy Youth Football

KYF® 2023 Schedules & Field Map

2023 KYF® Fall Schedules & Field Maps

Katy Youth Football® extends a big thank you to our loyal supporters, and to all those who have registered for our 2023 Fall football season. KYF® is proud to hold the reigns as the premier youth football organization in Katy, Texas; and proud to be recognized as one of the top leagues in the country!  KYF® is proud to have the continued support of our community and a solid reputation for professionalism, player safety and sportsmanship.  KYF® values player safety and stands to unite children and families through football and cheer.

2023 KYF® Fall Tackle Divisions

Mitey Mites (1st Grade) Fall Schedule:

Mitey Mites (1st Grade) Schedule

Mitey Mites (1st Grade) Playoff Bracket:

Mitey Mites (1st Grade) Playoff Bracket

PeeWee (2nd Grade) Fall Schedule:

PeeWee (2nd Grade) Schedule

PeeWee (2nd Grade) Playoff Bracket:

PeeWee (2nd Grade) Playoff Bracket

Rookie (3rd Grade) Fall Schedule:

Rookie (3rd Grade) Schedule

Rookie (3rd Grade) Playoff Bracket:

Rookie (3rd Grade) Playoff Bracket

Junior Varsity (4th Grade) Fall Schedule:

Junior Varsity (4th Grade) Schedule

Junior Varsity (4thGrade) Playoff Bracket:

Junior Varsity (4th Grade) Playoff Bracket

Varsity (5th Grade) Fall Schedule:

Varsity (5th Grade) Schedule

Varsity (5th Grade) Playoff Bracket:

Varsity (5th Grade) Playoff Bracket

Senior Varsity (6th Grade) Fall Schedule:

Senior Varsity (6th Grade) Schedule

Senior Varsity (6thGrade) Playoff Bracket:

Senior Varsity (6th Grade) Playoff Bracket

2023 KYF® Fall Flag Divisions

Junior Flag (Pre-K/K) Fall Schedule:

Junior Flag (Pre-K/K) Schedule

1st/2nd Grade Flag (1st/2nd) Fall Schedule:

1st/2nd Grade Flag Schedule

1st/2nd Grade Flag (1st/2nd) Playoff Bracket:

1st/2nd Grade Flag (1st/2nd) Playoff Bracket

3rd/4th Grade Flag (3rd/4th) Fall Schedule:

3rd/4th Grade Flag Schedule

3rd/4th Grade Flag (3rd/4th) Playoff Bracket:

3rd/4th Grade Flag (3rd/4th) Playoff Bracket

5th/6th Grade Flag (5th/6th) Fall Schedule:

5th/6th Grade Flag Schedule

5th/6th Grade Flag (5th/6th) Playoff Bracket:

5th/6th Grade Flag (5th/6th) Playoff Bracket

2023 Map: Seven Lakes Complex (All Divisions)

2023 Field Setup and Spectator Restrictions (All Divisions)