Katy Youth Football

2019 KYF® Fall Tackle League

KYF® 2019 Fall
Football & Cheer Registration is CLOSED

In 2014 KYF® adopted a tiered recruiting system to allow our Coaches, Parents and Players to recruit their friends and buddies from outside KYF® onto their existing team.  This tiered approach has been amended for 2019, but will continue to start in our 1st grade division, and will be limited by age division thru 6th grade.  The goal is to promote organic growth by stimulating Coach and Parent involvement in the recruiting process.  Teams will still be built based on the KYF® Team/School matrix.  However, Head Coaches will be permitted to invite New Players, who have never before registered from KYF®, from anywhere outside their primary matrix school, to their team with certain limitations as defined in KYF® rules.

KYF® is excited to continue to offer our Coaches, Parents and Players the opportunity to actively build out their teams.  For more details and specifications please refer to our Administrative Rules & Guidelines and the required Invited Player Form posted in the FORMS section.

Things You Need To Know For Fall Tackle League

We get tons of great questions throughout the registration period. Here are some things to know about the upcoming season and may hopefully clear some things up.

  • We offer a 9 week regular game schedule, plus the possibility of 3 additional games for playoffs (depends on your division). If your team makes it the the Turf Bowl, your player/cheerleader will have the unique opportunity to play the big game at LEGACY STADIUM with full use of  live Video Board with Instant Replay!! We are are the only league that offers that kind of opportunity!!
  • Practice begins the week of August 1st for all teams, both football and cheer. No practices should be taking place before that date. Teams are allowed up to 8 hours of practice until the week of August 19th. Starting August 19th, teams are allowed 6 hours of football, 4 hours of practice and 2 hours for their game per week.
  • Practice locations, days and times are determined by the Head Coach and will be discussed with you once the coach receives his rosters (in July).
  • All games are played on Saturdays
  • Each football team is required a minimum sponsorship of $500 and each cheer team is required a minimum sponsorship of $300. This can come in the form of one or several company sponsorships, or a team collection. Sponsor funds are essential assets needed by KYF® to cover expenses. Registration fees do not cover the multitude of expenses KYF® incurs to provide Katy Style Youth Football. We rely on sponsorship revenue to keep our registration fees down.

2019 Tackle Football Divisions

Sr. Varsity 6th Grade – (Cannot turn 13 yrs old before Sept 1, 2019)
Varsity 5th Grade – (Cannot turn 12 yrs old before Sept 1, 2019)
Jr. Varsity 4th Grade – (Cannot turn 11 yrs old before Sept 1, 2019)
Rookie 3rd Grade – (Cannot turn 10 yrs old before Sept 1, 2019)
PeeWee 2nd Grade – (Cannot turn 9 yrs old befoore Sept 1, 2019)
Mitey Mites – (1st Year Tackle) 1st Grade – (Cannot Turn  8 yrs old before Sept 1, 2019)