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I understand that I will need to size my son/daughter for his/her uniform during registration. Can you give us more information?

Absolutely. Within the registration process you will be prompted to size your child. Remember the sizes you select will be for thier fall uniform. Here’s some guidelines to follow:

  1. When possible use measurements vs standard sizes. The clothing chart provided is an estimate if you cannot measure your child.
  2. Consider your childs body shape when deciding the size.
  3. The difference between youth and adult sizes is the pants length/stride and the length of the jersey. A child over 5ft could easily wear adult sizes.
  4. If your child is larger than an Adult XXL, please order the AXXL size and email the Uniform Hotline on our Board of Directors page with his/her measurements. There may be an additional charge.
  5. Football jerseys are fitted in order to hold pads for safety. Do not order extra large sizes if not necessary.
  6. Cheerleading clothes should fit, yet be comfortable enough to wear a turtleneck under the top during cooler months.

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